Explanation of Condition

You may have noticed we do not give number indication of our items. The reason being is we find number indication is very subjective. We would like to ensure you understand the explanation of condition so you are aware of what we mean when we describe an item.

NEW- this is purchased from boutique. For Globalluxcloset we do not describe anything “new” because all of our items are handled by either ourselves or client consignors prior to being sold. In our book, we cannot describe anything that has been handled by other people who are not SAs outside boutiques “new”. As stated in disclaimer, we are not representative of brands sold and do not act like one. 

KEPT UNUSED- you probably see a lot of our items belong to kept unused condition. This means the item has been literally kept unused. Never been worn or used outside the house. Nevertheless, the item is handled by the original owner, be it ourselves or client consignors. Sometimes this can also mean that some items may have some handling signs or storage signs such as very mild nail scratch especially Lambskin, or pressure to inner flap from storage for long time etc. We declare these storage or handling signs when found also.

EXCELLENT - Pre owned, has been used and worn. Even if it was for an hour; we would still call it pre owned excellent condition. Usually this means no obvious flaws or if there is, it is very very mild and overall still considers as minor flaw.

VERY GOOD- for us this means we can see some signs of use which can be indicated as flaw. This may also include item which had been to spa for treatment or repair. We always indicate and explain in further details. 

GOOD- major flaws seen but still usable.

We hope this explains further and of course should you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us contact@globalluxyrycloset.com