How to store your Chanel bag(s)

There are so many advices out there about how to store your Chanel bag(s) and personally I do find any tips are useful...but what to do and who to believe. I thought I would just summarise what I know here. So here go:

1) Do NOT store inside the box. Why? Leather is like human skin, it needs to breath, it needs to have a bit of fresh air. Take them out of the box.
Do not stuff inside. Especially where you live has high humidity. I came across one kept unused bag which literally had mould in the bag. YES!!! hairy mould inside the bag. The owner unfortunately kept the bag inside the box, inside the cupboard and yes in high humidity area. So NO NO NO! And use the silicone gel sachets whenever you can. That would also help. Storing inside the box properly may cause pressure area to the leather. 

2) Keep the bag(s) inside dust bag. I know it is simple but please do it as it would help. Please try not to keep inside too tight dust bag though as that can also cause pressure. 

3) Keep the bag(s) standing up. This is especially so for heavier bag such as Jumbo. Some people do even recommend rotating the bag onto the sides from time to time to avoid sagging of leather.

4) For Chanel 19, boy or anything that has chain on top of the bag, wrap the chain with felt or tissue paper, this would help avoiding pressure onto the leather.

5) Keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. I would also suggest avoiding keeping the bag too close to hot bulbs also. Too extreme temperature does not help with leather.

6) Wrap the chain with the tissue paper when possible

7) Use felts when you can, again to avoid pressure.

I have posted a few photos of how I store my bags. I hope this would be useful. Anything you would like to ask, drop me an email: